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Any repair and construction work

Finishing works

Projects of varying complexity

A wide range of services

We work with individual bodies and legal entities

Speed and quality of design

Extensive background in working with large properties

Project management to the stage of its full readiness

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Our projects

About us

Ar Ti Group LLC was founded in 2008

The Ar Ti Group company has been a leader in the market of construction and repair services for a long time. We help both individual bodies and legal entities. During our work, we have completed many projects of various complexity. Specialists of Ar Ti Group can perform repairs, construction and finishing works. The range of our services is constantly being updated.

Of course, our company is not limited to the services listed above, all this is just an approximate list of works and services. The specialists of our company are happy to undertake any work, focusing on the final result and your request. In addition, we are not afraid of experiments, so do not hesitate to express your wildest fantasies, and the professionals of Ar Ti Group will always find a way to implement any experimental delights efficiently and beautifully.

Our team

The employees of our company are highly qualified workers in the market. In addition to their enormous experience, they have a higher construction education. Experienced and polite, they understand the customer at a glance. Specialists of Ar Ti Group annually take advanced training courses in a wide variety of educational institutions. The construction subject requires constant updating of knowledge, and our employees study new information all year round, trying to grow professionally.

Our partners

Cooperation with trusted suppliers and manufacturers is one of our important rules.

Quality is not only the professionalism of the performers, but also high-quality materials, the price of which is always wholesale with us.

Our customers

We appreciate each of our clients. It has long been known that only the cooperation for the long term, for the quality and delight of each of the customers can have beneficial outcomes.

Therefore, with each of our customers we find a common language, trying to solve issues individually. We appreciate feedback and comments. This means that we also appreciate the client!

Our prices

All the work is carried out at a reasonable, pre-agreed price. You always know the estimate and are protected by the contract. The guarantee of maintaining pricing is our credo. Every time you are asked to complicate the work or perform something from another material, it is concluded additional agreement. We are very sensitive to our own reputation and always comply with the obligations we have given.


Timing is one of the most important aspects when choosing a construction company. We are not used to delaying work or doing anything at the last moment.


It is extremely difficult to find negative reviews about our activities. We carry out permanent quality control of work at all stages, and our own technical supervision service is constantly working on the inspection of facilities. Our approach is immediately seen. You will be pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of our employees from the very beginning of cooperation. We are waiting for you!

Advantages of working with us

Advantages of working with
our company

The main problems faced
by customers

Fair value

Fixed price after setting the task. The exact timing and scope of work.


The amount changes during the working process, additional services are imposed.


Extensive experience of employees. Experience of working in most shopping centers in Moscow and the Moscow region. Also, working with the regions of Russia.


The pursuit of profit. The use of cheap hired workers without work experience and actual completed projects.

Comfortable working

We work on a turn-key basis. Constant contact with the customer. Minimization of alterations due to misunderstanding of customer requirements.


Lack of standards for monitoring the work of staff. The use of "one-time" workers. Lack of professionalism. Failure of deadlines.


We have all the necessary permissions. We conduct your project to the stage of its full readiness, promptly respond to comments, consult for free at all stages of production and approval of the project.

Future challenges

Problems of coordination, construction and finishing works due to a large number of designing errors or the absence of a valid SROs permit. Unwillingness to communicate with the customer after receiving the money. Delaying the deadlines for correcting mistakes.



Trimetra LLC

Construction of cottages, country houses, garages, saunas. Repair of apartments, warehouses, offices, construction of stores and etc. A separate direction of the company is the construction of Turkish saunas (designing, engineering, construction).



The organization is engaged in the construction of Turkish saunas (hammams) on a turn-key basis, saunas, salt caves.


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