Facade works

The company AR TI GROUP LLC will perform the facade works of your property professionally and on time.

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Our company performs facade work of varying complexity: mounting works, putty, plaster, cladding, finishing works.

Precipitation, internal condensate, as well as steam, temperature overload, external factors affect the construction. Maintaining the facade in proper condition helps to increase the time of use of the structure and create a presentable external image, attract potential partners, investors, customers.

Often during the finishing works of facades there are problems that only industrial climbers can cope with. It includes various kinds of work, for example, outdoor works, high-rise works, cladding of multi-storey buildings, this is what the specialists of AR TI GROUP LLC can deal with.

•    cleaning — using a manual method, as well as a special power tool
•    plastering — for heat conservation, protection from atmospheric phenomena and wall alignment
•    putty — a spatula and a scalpel for embroidery, reinforcing mesh and the last leveling layer of plaster with further application of the texture
•    painting — priming the surface and painting in several layers